New Brochure Now Available for Download


We are delighted to announce that our latest brochure is now available for download. In this brochure, you will find an overview of our latest additions to our range, including our extensive decorative program and innovative technical LEDs. You can still find our standard SPL LED program on our website, where you can also download datasheets directly and find more information on dimming options. For information on the newer items not yet available on our website, you can contact your account manager or reach us at Download our brochure today and discover the possibilities we offer.

Successful Participation at Light & Building Frankfurt


Last month, we proudly participated in the trade fair in Frankfurt, where we were able to showcase a part of our extensive program. During the event, we not only expanded our decorative range but also introduced innovative technical LEDs and related items that offer
diverse possibilities in each market segment worldwide. Are you curious about the new additions to our range? Feel free to contact us for more information.



In a world where light and technology meet to explore new dimensions of comfort, safety and aesthetics, it is crucial to be at the forefront of innovation and design. In these dynamic times, where the evolution of building and lighting technologies is happening faster than ever, it is essential to participate in forums that not only present the latest trends, but also shape the future of our industry. It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we announce our participation in the event that symbolizes this innovation and development: LIGHT + BUILDING 2024.

Manufacturing of LEDs and binning


LEDs are mass-produced. LEDs from the same manufacturing run usually vary a bit in lumens, color and forward voltage. To ensure that they still meet the quality specifications, a 'binning process' is applied at the end of production. The properties of the produced LEDs are measured at lightning speed and then sorted into subclasses with defined properties. These subclasses are denoted by the English word 'bins'. LEDs of unequal quality are actually sorted into different bins, so that after sorting each bin only contains products of sufficiently equal and defined quality. 


We are SPL - Schiefer Professional Lighting


Schiefer Lighting is an internationally recognized organization that is constantly on the move. We therefore thought it was time for a new video presentation of our wonderful company and the SPL brand. It is with great pride that we present you our latest company film. "We are SPL - Schiefer Professional Lighting!"

New EU regulations (SLR and ELR)


From 1 September, new rules will apply regarding the energy label legislation and lamps will be banned again. All LEDs and lamps have to be registered in the European Lighting Database. From there, QR codes are registered and processed on the new energy labels.