New EU regulations (SLR and ELR)

Major fundamental changes are coming for the lighting market in 2021 due to the new EU Regulation 2019/2020 in the field of SLR (Single Lighting Regulation) and ELR (Energy Label Regulation).

Why this regulation?

This regulation aims to protect the environment, enhance user protection and improve product durability. From a substantive point of view, no distinction is made between modules, lamps and fixtures, but only reference is made to light sources and therefore, in terms of energy efficiency, only the light source is evaluated.


What will change?

• All light sources will be evaluated in accordance with the regulations.

• The packaging and graphics will be slightly modified.

• All light sources will be included in the EPREL EU-wide database.

• There will be a new energy efficiency label with a new scale. A++ to E becomes A to G.

• Existing products may be sold without label changes until March 2023.


All light sources placed on the market from September 1, 2021, must receive a new energy efficiency label in accordance with the regulation.